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Editor's Opinion of TaoFortune

What if you could receive 100 Secret Coins AVAILABLE DAILY entirely for FREE? Get ready to immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of TaoFortune Social Casino. Uncover the mystery of Secret Coins Mode and win fabulous cash prizes. Don't wait any longer; SIGN UP now and let the fun begin!

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Sep 22nd 2023


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    TaoFortune Hands-on Review

    This is the newest Sweepstakes casino by the folks at Funrize, offering a wide variety of slots & real cash prizes
    Uno July
    Uno July

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    Key Information About TaoFortune

    Tao Fortune Casino

    Welcome to the captivating world of TaoFortune Social Casino, where entertainment and fortune unite to offer you an exhilarating gaming experience like no other, which users can enjoy for FREE, always and forever, no purchase necessary. With its vibrant and visually stunning interface, TaoFortune immerses you in a realm of excitement, offering a wide range of thrilling casino-style games that are designed to keep you engaged and enthralled for hours on end.

    From classic Hold ‘n’ Link games to state-of-the-art Jackpot games, every game on the TaoFortune platform is crafted to perfection, delivering an unrivaled level of gameplay that is sure to leave you spellbound. Explore the exceptional gaming experience at TaoFortune and let the world-class gaming platform whisk you away on a journey of endless fun and fortune. With a host of exciting features and unparalleled customer support, the time you spend gaming will be nothing short of extraordinary!

    The TaoFortune Social Casino is only open to Eligible Participants who are at least eighteen (18) years old or the age of majority in their jurisdiction (whichever occurs later) at the time of entry.

    How To Play on TaoFortune Social Casino

    TaoFortune offers its users the flexibility to play in either of two modes: Tao Coins mode or Secret Coins mode. This means that players can choose to enjoy the platform using Tao Coins, or they can opt for Secret Coins mode, which provides an additional layer of privacy and confidentiality.

    Tao Coins Mode

    Introducing the gateway to gaming bliss - Tao Coins Mode! Ideal for novices seeking to plunge into the realm of gaming or simply seeking to unwind and have a good time. All that's required is to amass or procure Tao Coins and relish in the captivating games. While Tao Coins may not be redeemable for cash prizes, they offer an exquisite experience of endless fun. However, for those with a yearning for extraordinary rewards & cash prizes, there's an alternate path to explore.

    Secret Coins Mode

    Delve into the enigmatic world of Secret Coins Mode, where the only tokens required are the elusive Secret Coins. These coins hold no intrinsic value and cannot be obtained through traditional purchase. Rather, they are granted for free daily, or even as a complimentary present with your Tao Coins purchase. Secret coins are exclusively reserved for use in Secret Coins Mode games.

    Excitingly, NO PURCHASE or PAYMENT OF ANY KIND is required to partake in this intriguing game mode, as TaoFortune is committed to providing an equal opportunity gaming experience for all.

    So, how does one unlock this mysterious realm of gaming? The good news is that the Secret Coins Mode is immediately accessible upon the player's first purchase of Tao Coins. Afterward, players can seamlessly switch between modes based on their current preferences and whims.

    Start Playing

    1. Sign up and create your account absolutely FREE of charge.

    2. Collect or purchase your Tao Coins (getting Secret Coins for free) and play, or

    3. Play Secret Coins Mode games and get dynamite prizes, including cash!

    Experience the Thrill of TaoFortune Casino's Diverse Game Collection

    Prepare to be dazzled by the wealth of gaming options available on TaoFortune! This platform is a haven for gaming enthusiasts, offering a myriad of captivating and engaging games that cater to a wide range of player preferences. Whether you prefer classic Hold ‘n’ Link games or the adrenaline-pumping excitement of Jackpot games, TaoFortune always has something to satisfy your gaming cravings. I feel like TaoFortune's overall design aesthetic, specifically, the game lobby which has a great design and is easy to navigate - it reminds me of LuckyBird.io casino...which to be fair also reminds me of Stake.us.

    Get ready to explore a vast world of thrilling gaming options, where every game promises an unforgettable experience. Some of the standout games on offer include Diamond Shot, Fishing Kingdom, Eagle Gold, Dolphin Queen, Wof Reels: Rapid Link, Dragon Sevens . With so many exciting titles to choose from, TaoFortune ensures that every gaming session is a thrilling adventure.

    Diamond Shot

    There's nothing like a classic. Play the old classic reels to feel the glow of this fantastic diamond! Diamond Shot has one Wild and three Scatter symbols. Once you trigger the Extra feature, you'll get up to 20 FREE Plays with a x3 multiplier, plus an extra Wild +5 FREE Plays. It's time to shine! Whenever you have the chance to glow, you should do so for as long as you can.

    Fishing Kingdom

    Oceans seem to hide such magnificent treasures beneath their surface. You can observe marine cities in their natural habitat in the Fishing Kingdom. Your shooting and aiming skills can be tested here. As well as Free shots, Pick'em Game, Fortune Wheel, Super Laser, and Multiplayer Mode, TaoFortune offers a lot of intriguing features. It has a special Aim Laser in case you want to have as many exciting feelings as possible; except for extra games, you can activate this feature anytime. Are you ready to dive in?

    Eagle Gold

    Feel the power of the powerful eagle in the game Eagle Gold! The game has Wild symbols, special symbols, FREE spins, and three types of JACKPOTS.

    • Mini Jackpot: Gives you a 10x prize.

    • Small Jackpot: Awards you a 30x prize.

    • Big Jackpot: This is the highest prize you'll get after filling the entire screen with orbs - 1000x.

    Dolphin Queen

    You'll feel like you're on vacation all the time with the Dolphin Queen. The game is full of underwater adventures. You can find plenty of treasures among dolphins, pink octopuses, and purple and gold angelfish. The Giant Symbol Pick unlocks FREE Games. Collect pearly shells to get FREE Hold 'n' Link games. Play Hold 'n' Link and win multipliers and jackpots.

    With TaoFortune, you can relax and enjoy yourself.

    Wolf Reels: Rapid Link

    Wolf Reels: Rapid Link invites you to explore the untouched wilderness! This online game is a wild riddle: you can get on top in 1024 different ways, and the law doesn't matter. Just imagine, after the Scatters fall out, the player gets 12 FREE additional plays. Whenever you get your prize in the Mystery Choice, the wolf will howl. WOOOF! In addition, if you want to add some mystery luck to the game, you can pick from 4 possible alternatives, including Free Plays, and Multipliers. Let go of your fear and feel it all now.

    Dragon Sevens

    This online game is a recreation of an ancient Chinese riddle that has been reimagined to create a brand-new style of it! FREE Spin is available, as well as the possibility of selecting a Mystery Pick and revealing a multiplier of up to x30 when you select it!

    Tao Quest Rewards

    Competing for Tao Quest Rewards is as easy as cake:

    • To embark on the adventure, begin by clicking on the "Join Quest" button.

    • Every day, you'll be given a set of tasks to accomplish. Ensure that you complete at least one of your current tasks in its entirety.

    • Upon successfully completing a task, you'll receive Tao Coins and Rating Stars as a reward.

    • Keep in mind that the more Rating Stars you earn, the greater your chances are of winning one of the grand prizes awarded to the leaders.

    • Ensure that you login to the site daily so that you don't miss completing tasks for each of the days.

    • For the chance to win prizes and move up the leaderboard, collect as many Rating Stars as you can.

    Unleash Your Luck with TaoFortune's Exclusive First Purchase Bonus

    Experience the thrill of TaoFortune Social Casino with a spectacular welcome offer that's too good to resist! Pay only $29.98 to receive a whopping 1.5 million Tao Coins and 4,200 FREE Secret Coins, instead of the usual $42.99 price tag. That's a huge $13 discount!

    With this special deal, you can explore the vast range of thrilling games on offer at TaoFortune and gain an edge over your Tao Quest competitors. The TaoFortune Social Casino offers a plethora of Jackpot games that are bound to get your heart racing. With a sizable stash of coins, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in the TaoFortune experience and increase your chances of winning big!

    The best part? You don't even need a TaoFortune promo code to claim this fantastic offer. Simply sign up and make a purchase. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to kick-start your gaming journey with TaoFortune. Come on in, the games are waiting!

    What If You Could Receive 100 Secret Coins AVAILABLE DAILY Entirely for FREE? 

    Every single day you have an opportunity to request 100 free Secret Coins and this option is available ONLY for players whose account balance is 0.

    Here’s how you can apply:

    • On A White Piece Of Paper, Write By Hand TaoFortune Free Entry Request

    • Your Full Legal Name

    • Your Date Of Birth

    • Your Full Street Address

    • Your Valid Phone Number

    • Your Valid Email Address

    • Your TaoCoins Player ID

    • On The Envelope, Write Your Return Address

    • Address Your Letter To: TaoFortune Promotion, Free Entry Request, A1 Development LLC, 3597 E Monarch Sky Lane Suite 240, PMB #2940, Meridian, Idaho 83646

    • Send Your Request By U.S. Postal Service Mail To The Address Above.

    Where Can You Play TaoFortune?

    TaoFortune Social Casino is open only to persons who are at least eighteen years of age at the time of participation and are otherwise eligible in accordance with the posted rules specific to the game, contest, or promotion and are also residents of the US, with the exception of the following states/provinces:

    1. Washington

    2. Idaho

    3. Wyoming

    TaoFortune Social Casino Pros and Cons


    • Significant welcome bonus, regular promotions, and daily rewards in the form of mystery boxes.
    • Takes player privacy very seriously.
    • Well-designed platform.
    • Good Customer Support.


    • No slots and table games.

    TaoFortune Customer Support

    The quality of a social casino is intrinsically linked to the proficiency of its customer support, and TaoFortune has outdone itself in this regard. The customer support squad at TaoFortune puts in round-the-clock efforts to ensure an unparalleled experience for its patrons. The option of live chat makes it tremendously convenient with faster resolutions, and in addition to this, the email contact form is accessible at all hours, enabling seamless communication with the team.

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