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VA Lottery picks can be made from the comfort of home. Now you can play the lottery online whether it's on a laptop, mobile device or tablet.
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Updated: 2 Dec 2022
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Table of content

    VA Lottery picks can be made from the comfort of home. Now you can play the lottery online whether it's on a laptop, mobile device or tablet, Virginia residents are free to try their luck with the online lottery.  Technology is constantly evolving. It's now transforming the way the lottery is conducted. These days, purchasing lottery tickets and scratch offs at the gas station is old news.

    As of July 1st, 2020, the online sale of lottery products became legal in Virginia. This new bill repealed a paragraph of the Virginia Code which prohibits the sale of lottery tickets online.

    The biggest games in the industry are now available without the need to go to a lottery retailer. Virginia is one of the few states that allows for a legal online lottery. Currently there are only 8 states in the US that have an online lottery. This includes a variety of high jackpot multi-jurisdictional lottery games including Powerball & Mega Millions.

    Virginia Lottery History 

    The Virginia Lottery was born on December 1, 1987, following a 57% to 43% vote in favor of a Virginia lottery in November, 1987. Since the first tickets sold in 1988, the Virginia Lottery has made more than $5.3 billion for the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

    In 2000, Virginia voters passed a constitutional amendment changing how lottery profits were handled. It states that Virginia Lottery profits are to be solely designated to benefit K-12 public schools.

    Virginia Lottery Facts 

    How To Participate In The Virginia Lottery 

    All participants must be at least 18 years or older and located within the State of Virginia. The Virginia Lottery is a licensed and regulated operator. Because of this, they need to make sure that every participant is abiding by the rules and regulations. 

    Geolocation is used to verify locations. Players will need to allow the Virginia Lottery’s software to access their computer, laptop, or mobile device. Make sure that location settings are turned on during this process. 

    Participants that are 18 years or older will need to create an account. They should be ready to verify their age with the last 4 digits of their social security number.

    Sometimes a player's identity cannot be verified by the last 4 digits of their social security number. The software may ask for a full social security number or connect them with a member of the support team. 

    Those connected to customer support will need to provide a copy of their passport or government issued ID for verification. 

    Players will need to register and deposit a minimum of $10.00. They accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and bank account ACH deposits. Newcomers are offered a 50% match for up to $100.00 free as well as 10 free games when they make their first deposit. Once the information is added and the $10.00 minimum is deposited, players are ready to go.


    Sign up for a MyGameRoom account! This is a hub for playing the Virginia Lottery online. When an account is created, players are able to purchase games, save their favorite numbers, enter promotions, and sign into the app for fantastic lottery features.

    Quick Account Creation Instructions 

    1. Go To The Virginia Lottery sign up link.
    2. Fill out the account application (players will need the last 4 digits of their Social Security)
    3. Make sure that mobile devices or laptop location services are turned ON.
    4. Verify and confirm your account information.
    5. Once the account is created, log in to make a $10.00 minimum deposit.
    6. Make sure to utilize new player bonuses offered by the Virginia Lottery!

    VA Lottery Software & Mobile Application

    There is a fully optimized Virginia Lottery mobile app allowing lottery lovers the ability to take their lottery experience on the road. 

    The Virginia Lottery is available online on both desktop and mobile devices for residents in VA. Whether it’s a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android, players can access a fantastic selection of games from any location in Virginia. Aside from the option to buy lottery tickets, players can also play instant win games and scratch cards online using the mobile application.

    The MobilePlay option allows players to use bluetooth to connect with lottery retailers for fast and easy online lottery purchases.

    The Virginia Lottery app also offers features beyond lottery gameplay, see below:

    • Access to account information.
    • Check on winning numbers for all VA Lottery games. 
    • Scan any draw game or scratch off ticket to instantly find out if it’s a winning ticket.
    • Enter promotional codes.
    • See how much the Mega Millions, Powerball, and other jackpots are going for.
    • Pick numbers and create a digital payslip to take to lottery retailers.
    • Save favorite number combinations.
    • Receive notifications about the latest VA Lottery games & promotions.

    The VA Lottery app can be downloaded on the Official Virginia Lottery website as well as the app store for apple devices. The mobile app allows players to check tickets, choose winning numbers, scan tickets for special promotions, create play slips and more.  

    VA Lottery Online Mobile Application Efficiency

    The information available through the Virginia Lottery Application is impressive. Aside from playing games and collecting prizes from the comfort of home, the application also offers important stats, game settings and information in the palm of your hand.

    Quick Pick Purchases: The quick pick purchase option is a great way to save time. By clicking on the quick pick option will deliver a prefilled ticket with the number of plays chosen by the player. 

    The ticket will then host random numbers for the next draw. However these numbers can be changed by choosing “Auto Fill”. Click on “Add To Cart” to finalize your choices.

    Lucky Numbers: Want to play with your trusty lucky numbers? Click “Build My Own” which will allow players to add their own numbers to as many lines as they want. Players that play the same lucky numbers time and again are now able to “save” their lucky numbers to their account. 

    To do this players can use the “Favorites” option. This allows players to easily use their favorite numbers. By clicking “Use My Favorites” the players lucky numbers will be added to whichever draw they are playing.

    Random Number Picks: By using the “Build Your Own” button, players can construct a custom game card. By using the “Autofill” feature, the application will choose the numbers for you.

    Manual Number Picks: Players that want to construct a custom card can use the “Build My Own” option and then input individual numbers until they have the required picks.

    Automatic Results Check: Players are able to check how long there is until the next draw, how much the estimated jackpots and the previous results. The automatic results check can also show players if they’ve won anything during previous draws, it can check up to 180 days previous.

    Virginia Lottery Draw Games 

    No matter the game, you will be able to find it online. Since costs are the same, there is no need to buy tickets at a retailer. Some of the lottery games offered online include:

    • Power Ball
    • Cash 4 Life
    • Keno
    • Bank A Million
    • Mega Millions 
    • Pick 3 & Pick 4
    • Rolling Jackpot
    • New Year’s Eve Millionaire Raffle VA
    • And More.

    How To Play Keno

    The VA Lottery has keno games with drawings that happen every 4 minutes. For those that don't know how to play Keno, they have even provided a brief video on their site showing how to play.

    Keno Steps:

    1. Choose how many spots to play from 1 to 10.
    2. Decide how much to wager per draw ($1 to $10).
    3. Pick how many consecutive draws to play (1 to 20).
    4. Select numbers to play from 1 to 80.

    Players can determine if their ticket is a winner by:

    • Watching the live drawing on a Keno monitor at select Lottery retailers
    • Scanning a ticket on a Ticket Checker at a Lottery retailer
    • Using the Lottery Vending Machine to scan tickets
    • Visiting the Virginia Lottery website’s “Keno” page to check the numbers
    • Downloading the Lottery app and checking numbers on any mobile device

    Virginia's New Year’s Millionaire Raffle

    The New Year’s Millionaire Raffle offers Virigina’s best odds to become a millionaire. It offers four $1 million prizes, six $100,000 prizes, and 500 players will win $500. Raffle tickets cost $20.00 dollars and can be found at any Lottery retailer or Lottery vending machine. 

    Take a chance at becoming a millionaire for the new year! Winners will be announced on January 1st of the new year.

    How To Play Bank A Million VA

    The VA Lottery Bank A Million game offers players a variety of options. Players choose their own numbers on a play slip by picking six different numbers between 1-40. The Bonus Ball is not selected by the player but is drawn each draw.

    Players decide what to wager and what prize they are trying to win. The total must add up to $2.00 but players are able to determine their wager. There are various wagers ranging from 50 cents to $2.00. 

    Multi State Lottery Draws

    As the Virginia Lottery is a licensed lottery provider, the Virginia Lottery site is authorized to sell tickets for multi state lottery draws.This means that lottery players within the state of Virginia are able to indulge in both local & multi state draws. This includes big name lottery games like Powerball, Mega Millions and Cash4Life.

    Powerball Lottery Online

    To Play powerball players must select numbers for five white balls and one red ball (the Powerball) for a total of six numbers. This is a great game for those that like taking the chance to win a big prize. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 11:00 pm for VA Powerball results.

    How To Play Powerball Online:

    • Choose numbers on a play slip. Pick five different numbers from 1-69; then select one Powerball number from 1-26.
    • Players can choose Easy Pick, and let the computer choose your numbers if they so choose. Players can also combine the methods and manually pick numbers and let the computer pick the rest.
    • Each play which is six numbers costs $2.
    • VA Lottery live drawings every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 11:00 pm 

    How To Play Mega Millions

    Mega Millions is the game for players dreaming of winning the lottery big time. Mega Millions is a drawing that occurs twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00 p.m.) and gives players the opportunity to win a jackpot along with other cash prizes. 

    • Choose Mega Millions numbers on a play slip. 
    •  Pick five different numbers from 1 - 70
    •  Select one Mega Ball number from 1-25.
    •  Players can opt to have “Easy Pick” choose the numbers for them as well (players can also choose for a combination) 

    How To Play Cash4Life

    Cash4Life offers its winners the chance to receive lifetime cash prizes. Does winning anywhere from $52,000 a year to $365,000 a year for the rest of your life sound good? If so, Cash4Life is the lottery game for you. Tickets cost $2.00 and Cash4Life drawings are held daily at 9:00 pm.

    • Players will need to pick five different numbers between 1-60.
    • They will also need to select one Cash Ball number between 1-4.
    • Players also have the option to select “Easy Pick” and the computer will choose their numbers.
    • They can also use a combination of the play methods. Pick some numbers and have the computer pick the rest.

    Online VA Lottery Scratchers

    Try your luck with online scratch offs in VA. That's correct, players can find scratchers online now. VA scratchers have the same rules as the trusty scratchers you’ve been buying at a retailer (extreme millions, Lucky 7’s Cash Blowout etc.).  

    Scratchers range in price from $1.00 to $30.00. There are also fun promotional scratch offs with huge cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to $1 Million. The Virginia Lottery also offers a variety of new scratch offs for players to enjoy.

    Once the Virginia Lottery scratcher ticket is purchased, the player will scratch off the panels to reveal the cards' appointed symbols. 

    When a player gets the required matches, they win. The Online VA Lottery provides the best scratch off tickets in VA from the palm of your hand.

    Print And Play Games 

    Print ‘n play games are still available at any lottery retailer. Simply choose the game and the ticket will print from the lottery terminals. Each print ‘n play ticket has instructions on how to play along with prize tables that come printed directly on the ticket. Play the game, check your matches and win big. 

    Some of the print ‘n play games that are offered at the Online Virginia Lottery include:

    • Rolling Jackpot (VA Online Exclusive)
    • Bingo
    • Blackjack
    • Crosswords 

    How To Play VA Lottery Blackjack 

    The VA Lottery offers both Blackjack Classic ($2 ticket price) and high Stakes Blackjack ($5 Ticket Price). These will play exactly like the live action game. The object is to get the cards to total 21 or as close to 21 without going over (busting). 

    This game is played under house rules, Aces equal 11 and Jack, Queen And Kings equal 10. The dealer will win in the event of a tie. A player will lose if they go over 21. Print ‘N Play blackjack can be found at any lottery retailer in Virginia.

    Next Level Instant Win Lottery Games 

    Lottery enthusiasts will have more access to games than ever before, while still being able to acquire the originals. Now gamers can indulge in a variety of instant win games including:

    • Mayan Saga
    • Viking Voyage
    • Virginia Cash Expander
    • VP Ultra
    • Cash Buster Multiplayer
    • Vegas Cash Drop
    • Ghostbusters Cash Drop
    • Wheel Of Fortune

    Each “Instant Win” lottery game can be played for free utilizing the “Demo Mode”. Each game has a unique dynamic and Demo Mode is a great way for new players to get a handle on the game before playing for money. Minimum bets on Instant Win games can range from 5 cents to 20 dollars a round depending on the chosen game.  

    Virginia Lottery Promotions, Prizes & More  

    On the official website of Virginia Lottery, players can find active promotions and perks that are available to anyone. Once entered, a lottery promotion can be in the form of bet money, free tickets, deposit matches and more.       

    • Newcomers are entitled to a $10.00 bonus and ten free game tickets. A $10.00 credit is applied after new players fill out the Virginia Online Lottery signup. There is no Virginia lottery promo code for this, it will automatically be applied after a deposit is made.
    • What a second chance at the Va Lottery? Many Virginia Lottery games offer a second chance token (known as extra chances in the VA lottery) every time a player loses. Upon receiving a VA lottery extra chance token, there will be a special draw where a player is given the chance to win tons of prizes. Just check for the promotional scratchers extra chances logo on the ticket.  
    • Gamers can take advantage of demo mode. This allows players to essentially play free lottery games online without the cost/cash win. It's a great option for those looking to try out the game or to practice their favorite online lottery games.        

    The prizes won at the Virginia Lottery are quite impressive. With prizes that rival other lottery sites, Virginia Lottery players have won gift cards, laptops, some of the latest gadgets, concert tickets, vacation packages, and more.   

    VA State Lottery Drawing Times

    Drawing Schedule For Virginia-Only Games:

    • Pick 3, Pick 4 and Cash: These happen twice daily at 1:59 p.m.and 11 p.m. EST, seven days a week.
    • Bank A Million: takes place at 11 p.m. EST on Wednesdays & Saturdays.
    • Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle: takes place once a year on New Year’s Day.

    Drawing Schedule For Multi-State Lottery Games:

    • Powerball: Takes place at 10:59 p.m. EST on Wednesdays & Saturdays
    • Mega Millions: Takes place at 11 p.m. on Tuesdays & Fridays
    • Cash4Life: Takes place 9 p.m. EST daily

    Lottery drawings are available live on or the Virginia Lottery’s Facebook page. They can also be found on live TV throughout Virginia. 

    Lottery enthusiasts can also check winning Virginia lottery numbers for any current or past drawings on or the Virginia Lottery application.

    Virginia Lottery Prizes 

    All wins are guaranteed through Virginia’s online lottery site. The Virginia State Lottery site is sanctioned by the state which means that any win will be paid fully in due course. 

    How to claim a prize differs depending on the amount won. However, there are rules the Virginia Lottery has to follow to ensure that all money is processed securely:

    • The VA Lottery site will credit prizes up to $100 to an account immediately.
    • The site will quickly process prizes between $100.01 & $600. Winners receive credits in their account within minutes/hours.
    • Lottery winnings over $600 must be claimed through the manual claims process. The Virginia Lottery will send out an email with clear instructions on how to claim a prize.
    • Prizes over $10,000 are claimed through the manual claims process. 

    Collecting Lottery Winnings

    Winning big is a great feeling but how does one collect their winnings from The Virginia Lottery? 

    As a general rule of thumb, any withdrawal requests will need to be screened by security before they’re authorized. Winners should expect a 24 hour delay before any winning gaming transaction is completed. This is a security feature intended to protect both players' winnings and the operator's regulatory obligations when it comes to paying out a winning prize. 

    When playing online ,it is incredibly easy to collect your winnings. The money will be deposited in the player’s account (winnings less than $100.00). Winnings over $100.00 will need to fill out an online claim to receive their money.

    After sending an online claim, players can expect a prompt email u update to let them know the status of their payment. Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of winning otherwise the prize will expire. 

    When scratching a winning ticket or checking winning numbers , players will want to sign their name on the back of the ticket or card. This protects their winnings, it is recommended to sign every lottery card just in case, without the signature anyone can claim your prize. 

    Go to the nearest lottery customer service center. Download, print and completely fill out the claim form before your arrival. Winners will want to make sure that they bring an up to date government issued ID and have their social security number on hand. 

    Prizes under $600.00 will not require PROOF of your Social Security Number. Prizes over $600.00 will need to provide PROOF of their SSN.

    Without the necessary information, winners will be unable to claim their prize. Make sure to arrive prepared. Face masks or face coverings are necessary when entering any Lottery customer service center. Guests are not allowed to accompany anyone visiting to collect a claim. 

    Quick Customer Service Center Instructions

    1. Have A Mask Or Face Covering Accessible
    2. Sign The Back Of All Lottery Tickets
    3. Make Sure To Have A Government Issued ID Ready
    4. Social SEcurity/Tax ID number On Hand (Winnings Over $600.00 Need Documentation)
    5. No Guests 
    Playing Responsibly

    Playing responsibly is very important when it comes to playing the Lottery. Lottery players must:

    • Never give lottery tickets to anyone under the age of 18. It is against the law to gift or sell lottery tickets to minors.
    • Seek help if they find they have a gambling problem. Gambling addiction can have a variety of financial consequences. The Virginia Lottery has provided gambling help line numbers and links to problem gambling programs and resources.  
    The Virginia Lottery Gives Back

    Every time a ticket is scratched or a number is placed, children all over Virginia are benefitting.

    In 2021, the Virginia Lottery had sales of nearly $3.26 billion. The Lottery generated more than $766 million for K-12 public education. This means that more than $2.2 billion went back to players in the form of prizes, more than $139 million went to the retailers who sell Virginia Lottery tickets, and $147 million went to operation expenses.

    When Virginians voted in 1987 for a state-operated lottery, Lottery proceeds, which are approximately one-third of Lottery sales, were to be used as determined by the General Assembly.

    The use of these proceeds has changed over time. In 1989, Lottery proceeds were dedicated to capital-construction projects. From 1990 to 1998, Lottery proceeds were transferred to the state's General Fund. An amendment was created in 1999 to send Lottery proceeds to local public-schools for educational purposes.

    In 2000, more than 80% of votes favored the creation of the State Lottery Proceeds Fund. 


    The Virginia State Lottery provides a safe & secure betting platform for lottery enthusiasts to play their favorite online lottery games for real money. From endless betting options, games and bonuses to user friendly software & VA scratchers online, there is something for everyone. Try out the Virginia lottery today! 

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